I don’t know if this fact invokes the same emotion in your heart and head as it does mine  because I am beside myself with grief!

Rita Jeptoo, world champion, is serving a two-year ban after performance boosting substance was traced in her blood. She is the most celebrated athlete to be found in this situation after Matthew Kisorio’s two year sentence ended July last year. Kenya’s top notch athletics performance has been put under tight surveillance with the officials thrusting the blame back and forth.

The chairman of NOCK, Kipchoge Keino, said recently in Nandi,

”The wave of doping is so dangerous that, if nothing is done to arrest the menace, Kenya may be banned from participating in International Association of Athletics Federation and International Olympics Committee sanctioned competitions.”

Drug use by athletics might be the death of Kenya’s athletic stardom whether we like it or not. Our country has produced tons of celebrated athletic stars since independence in 1963 and we still are to date… so why throw all of that away? Athletics has made a great name for this East African country such that some of our athletes are expatriates of first world countries and this is a fact we are proud of!

On Saturday Kenyan athletes joined hands to launch a campaign fighting use of doping in athletics under the umbrella of Professional Athletics Association of Kenya. The association rounded up many Kenyan athletes to launch the campaign named ‘Run Clean’ at the University of Eldoret.

The use of performance enhancing substances will cripple Kenyan athletics and, before we know it athletics will be a foreign myth our children will read from history books and names such as Kipchoge Keino, David Rudisha and Catherine Ndereba will be a thing of the past!

We implore the athletes to stay trues to the sport and be themselves throughout their careers; Kenya loved them before drugs… Kenya will love them without drugs.