Liverpool as of now is just hanging on by a thread after Steven Gerrard’s departure. Their most recent victory was thanks to him and he has more goals than the awesome duo of Wayne Rooney and Van Persie currently!

And now, even with the credits rolling on his Liverpool career, they still have no-one like Gerrard who can give them hope when it seems lost, such as against FC Basel with his late free-kick on the night they went out of the Champions League, or against AFC Wimbledon, when he produced yet again when matters were starting to look extremely difficult.

Gerrard has made it clear he will never play against Liverpool but Shearer added: “I just wonder whether Chelsea look at the Frank Lampard situation and just wish that they hadn’t let him go. I wonder if Liverpool will do the same.”

The bottom line is that no matter how much Liverpool look to the future, the player and inspiration they still rely on is Steven Gerrard. For that overall impact on games, his colleagues and his club, he will be impossible to replace.

As most fans of warring teams our deepest condolences to Liverpool, may you keep loosing trophies and pulling other teams from relegation.

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