Every financial year, the government announces the budget that is expected to be spent for another year. Public expenditure and Recurrent expenditure are revisited every financial year.

The financial year 2019/2020, the government is planning to implement a contract plan for the employment of its civil servants.

In the allocated buffet, most government employees take home a huge share of the government’s budget. This has been repetitive for all financial years. A move that is expected to commence in July 1st, to ensure all civil servants are subdued to a working plan and contract.


The contract is expected to be for three years and it shall be renewed on the basis of performance. Most government employees have started to feel the heat as the days keep etching closer.

The new move will be able to monitor all civil servants who’ve been dormant in their performances. It is also expected to reduce the huge amounts used to settle the latter as they retire.

In this financial year, the government will also monitor the loopholes of corruption in their plans. Will cartels be dealt with in this new move?

As other people are busy looking for employment opportunities, the new move will also facilitate them to have a taste of jobs that have been held by the same people for over two decades without performance.