Cases of people getting drugged and having their property stolen are no longer new in this country especially men who like to ‘chipo’ ladies from clubs and other entertainment joints.

What this lady thugs do in most cases is they go to a certain joints, probably buy a drink or two as they look for potential targets and approach them acting as some easy prey for the target. Depending on where the theft is planned to happen, they will then proceed to either spike the men’s drinks while still in the club and steal whatever valuables the man may have had with him at that particular moment or let the men take them to their homes and drug them right in their homes before ‘sweeping the men’s houses clean’.

To make matters worse, these women have no mercy on their targets and they can use excessive quantities of the drugs leaving the men either hospitalized, unconscious or even in dead in some cases.

With the perpetrators of such acts seemingly getting too comfortable now, a video of a lady receiving a dogs beating has now emerged on the internet. The lady allegedly tried to steal a TV from a man but was unfortunately spotted by a caretaker.

In the video, two men are seen raining kicks and blows on her and one even comes back with a whip as by standers watch and record the incident on their mobile phones. Surprisingly no one tries to rescue her.

Here is the video;