Its Wednesday..or rather Ladies Wednesday and today we are doing a feature on the beautiful model Miss Linda Adhiambo…

Team Mafisi are you ready??

VK: Hey…Welcome to Varcity…Mind introducing yourself??

Linda: My name is Rose Linda Adhiambo.Thank you for having me.
VK: Pleasure is ours.When did you start modelling??
Linda: In 2008;in high school
VK: How has it been so far??
Linda:I had to pause it a bit because of school,but there was a time I was doing great.
VK: So right now you’re not modelling??
Linda: No….Am in school…Nairobi Aviation to be precise.Aspiring Cabin Crew/air hostess
VK: Best of luck..How was modelling before you paused??
Linda:It was okay..did runway shows in clubs…plus i was managing models.It was tough though,but i enjoy doing what i love.
VK: Alot of exposure right??any features??
Linda:Been in the Nairobian newspaper  fashion page twice..Done commercials like 4 times…
VK: Nice..what were the most memorable moments..Good and bad..
Linda: Good;The first time I graced the runway at club N-tyce,people cheered me…I felt so happy about it!!!!The CEO and I had organised it and it came through so well…
          Bad;I wouldn’t call it bad though…it was at Florida2000..It was a lingerie runway wasn’t that organised..that’s all…
VK: What about modelling would you change,if given a chance??
Linda: uuuummm…qualifications;I love modelling so much but my height(5’6) cannot allow me to compete for events such as Miss Kenya or Miss World.They want participants who are 5’9.They should consider us…
VK: What motivates you to keep on trying??
Linda: I want to be a top model,on bill boards,magazines..Living large..The thought of achieving that motivates me.
VK: to your personal life..just a sneak peak into it..Are you single??
Linda: *blushes*Yes..
VK: Whats the worst date you’ve been on so far??
Linda: Uuummm..It was Valentines,I was sooo nervous because my guy then had not told me what treat he had in store for me..It was Feeling overwhelmed and shaky…i poured soup on my embarrassing..The same day..we went partying and coincidentally his Ex was in the same club…He was drunk..He messed up and i found the two making out..That was the end of it.
VK: Sorry..Men at times are easily derailed…Talking of guys…What physical attributes of a guy matter to you when you’re deciding to date.
Linda: Taller than me..light..Though I fall for dark guys with smooth cute faces*blush*Dimples and athletic bodies carry my day as well.
VK: Have you ever dated someone who didn’t have any if not all of those attributes??
Linda: Yes!!!My ex was shorter than me..and i didn’t mind..Life is funny..We have dreams and plans but God has his own plans too…
VK: True true, will surely gut me if I don’t ask this..What beauty regiments do you use…and what doesn’t lack in your purse..
Linda: Am a simple person..Luron ponds,some lipstick,mascara and lotion is enough.I never miss lipstick and powder because i have an oily face
VK: Is there a side to you we do not know??
Linda:Yes…I am a shy model..
VK:’re stage shy??
Linda:Yes,though i know just how to hide it…
VK: Intriguing…Any advice for upcoming models as we finish??
Linda: Well..all i can say is..Hard work and motivation determines where you’ll end up in the industry..its  a bit tough but if you know what you want and work on it,you’ll get where you wanna be.
VK: How can your fans reach you??
Linda: On facebook am Jay adi-pwincess and on twitter am @Jaylinda
VK: Thankyou for your time Linda…We were glad to have you
Linda: You’re welcome..I had fun:)
By Vix.