We live in a generation where many men believe; the more the money the more the women. I agree it’s partially true. However, men complain when the money runs dry that the woman of their dreams becomes as scarce or simply leaves. Here are some facts that could help you get both the faithful lady and the fat bank account you think is such a priority.

1. Women and money are best friends

There’s no one more creative or strategic than a lady who needs a quick buck. Our minds are constantly working on ways to clear debt, or gain some cheddar for some awesome heels we checked up at Bata Hilton.¬† It’s not at all a bad thing. In fact if you get such a woman in your life who is principled but comes up with sustainable solutions to expenses; keep her. The mistake most men make is that they spoil us, then when we are head over heels for them…. They change the game. Excuses come up. How about instead of telling your girl, “I have no money.” Tell her, ” I have a lucrative project¬† I want us to do together.” Her creativity will be at an all time high and before long you will both benefit from the venture.