Why Women Need To Be More Ambitious


On 31st March 2016 young women form different campuses gathered in a hall at the Technical University of Kenya to receive words of advice and wisdom from Ruth Ambogo, a Strathmore Student leader as well as director of the Young African Women in Leadership (YAWL)  and Irene Kendi (Mama Yao), former Vice President of SONU and founder of KUFSLA.


From the talks they gave, there is definitely more than meets the eye for these two. Ruth told the tale of how she had to struggle her way through high school and university.


Her step mother spited her and got her kicked out of her father’s home a number of times. Her father refused to pay her fee but her determination overshadowed this. She found a job after attaining a good KSCE grade and worked her way to earn a scholarship at Strathmore University as a Law student. Though her experience might have dragged her through the mud her and there, Ruth emphasized on having confidence, “kujichocha”, being ambitious and resilient. These got her recognition in Strathmore and even a leadership slot.

Irene Kendi went deep into the details of her upbringing and struggle with finances in the rural area of Meru. With much humor she described herself as fighter and a fearless one at that. She urged young women to be willing to uplift each other and be major go getters. Not to rely only on their beauty which only lasts so long but be well equipped in various professional areas and combine efforts to uplift each other,

“You reap what you sow, I am where I am right now because of my deeds,” she said.

Wendy Muma, a student leader from St. Paul’s University, was also in attendance. She said to refrain from spiting each other as women and shy not from taking on opportunities.


The event should have had a bigger attendance than it did but the ladies seemed happy from the words they got from female University leaders that evening.