Women Sexual Assault Videos: the Blame Game

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2014)

I’ve spent the better part of this afternoon debating whether or not to do a piece concerning the sudden increase on videos of sexual assaults. I was having a really good day till my colleague asked me if I’ve seen it. After a glimpse, I looked away not in a bashful manner but in utter shock.

It all started with the strippings but now men have been bold enough to record their disgusting behaviours and release it on whatsapp and other social media and before we now it it goes viral and we can’t trace it back to the original sender. The most recent video is a lady being molested on a public means of transport. In fact the whole video, begins as the lady offers to show them her private parts instead of paying fare.  After the lady displays her goods and they are amused. She covers herself up but the provocation was enough.

This leads me to the question; who’s fault is it? Before I chant and drop bombshell’s of abuses on men. Ladies we are victims but should we sit back and accept this position?  The fact that some  few ladies are provoking these actions… Men how can you back home to your wife and daughter knowing you watched or took part in such activity. Before we point fingers… we all have a place to take up blame in this broken society. Think about it…


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