Are we trying to chase away celebrities who come to perform in Kenya? Well, with our recent trend behaviors of stealing celebrities belongong’s while on stage performing, we will surely miss chances of them performing in our country.

Sidney Royel commonly known by his stage Desiigner is an American singer, song writer, record producer and an actor.

The Panda hit maker landed in Kenya on Friday and his love for Kenya or African country could not be hidden as he was so excited sharing videos on his gram for his love for African countries.

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Had To Kiss 😘🔥😂💪🏾The Ground In Africa Yeaaa

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Many celebrities jet to Kenya to perform and Kenyans truelly know how to welcome them into the country when they are performing on stage.

Just recently, Diamond Platnum’z chain of worth 40 million Tanzanian money was taken from him as he performedin Thika while it was on his neck.

Celebrities should really learn how to hundle their audience because at the rate at which this issues are rising, we will start vseeing celebrities walk on stage without shoes on or even without too much accessories they put on in terms of necklesses and even earrings.

It doesnt pain just going for an event and being calm, watch the artist’es perform and go back home. You can have fun in different ways not necessarily by embarassing yourself with the courage to go and snatch a celebrities accessory while he or she is performing.

Coming to think of it, why do we only do this from those celebrities that are from other countries? Why can’t you do it to a Kenyan celebrity? This are questions to ask yourself as you read this article and respect has always been a key in a person’s privacy.

As Desiigner  performed on Saturday, his sneakers were stolen from him and he only remained putting on one socks. That being not enough, women undressed the rapper leaving his ‘Behind’ exposed.

In a video shared on youtube, Desiigner is heard asking about his sneakers as his security tried to take him from the crowd.

Check out the video: