I was reading an article on the Daily Nation website this morning about women who wear make up to the gym. It was an eye opener and I finally realized I have seen this trend somewhere. I have seen it in work-out videos mostly done by women, because men do not do make up and if there are those who do then I will include you in this.

If you are on Instagram or follow local YouTube channels you will notice most put up work-out videos that are sometimes funny and full of drama. We have landed in the era of Vlogging where a video is put up explaining details of an individual’s life instead of the usual writing on blogs. The written world is slowly dying I guess!

Most work-out videos are of women trying to lie to the whole generation of their fans that they are working out while the reality is that they want to show you that pink lipstick they got from Two Rivers last weekend. Tags of Instagram on how #SquatsIsBae have become the norm, but these ladies are doing more than that, they are becoming famous.

I tried a move recently from a work-out video and I’m still hurting from the experience. I honestly watched the work-out video on Instagram because the lady had killer curves and that long weave on her head did it for me. I should not have tried working out later!

Next time you work-out please watch videos by experts and not random beautiful ladies online. A work-out should make you all sweaty and healthy, why wear tons of make-up while at it if it’s not a sham?