MACHOIris scan technology provides accurate identity authentication without PIN numbers, passwords or cards and the enrollment takes less than 2 minutes. Authentication takes less than 2 seconds. Producing a template to enroll has been made easy with the use of Video-based technology. The terminology “iris-scanning” is often used when referring to iris recognition technology, but there is no scanning involved at all.

Iris technology is based on pattern recognition and the pattern-capturing methodology is based on video camera technology similar to that found in camcorders common; ace in consumer electronics. Iris scan the cameras has two apertures.

The first contains a hologram that helps position the eye properly for registration or verification and performs the actual recognition. The second helps illuminate the eye to create an accurate image map of your eye.

People wearing glasses need to take them off during enrollment. But they do not have to remove them later to be identified for login. Iris recognition and iris authentication user ID and password schema in any application, operating or any web application.

Retina is that reliable tool. That, any organization, which is serious about protecting their network environment to help maintain network integrity.


This takes just seconds. The proximity sensors activate the Remote Optical Unit (ROU) when the subject nears the operational range of the unit upon approaching a portal protected by iris access. The same mirror-assisted, audio prompted interface that tire subject became familiar with at enrollment helps ensure proper positioning and speedy recognition.

To create, select and digitize an image to be compared against the stored value retained at enrollment the ROU uses tire video and frame grabbing method. The live presented value is compared against stored values at the Well-secured identification Control Unit assigned to tire portal.