World Refugee Day 2016 #NotJustARefugee


“No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” Warsan Shire

Each year, the Refugees are given their day on 20th June to appreciate their brave decisions as a result of what they go through. Forcefully fleeing a place you call home is something only courageous and determined people would do. Leaving behind years of hard work, memories and even people you love.

You can never know when conflict or disaster will strike, this should enable people to be kind enough to accept the Refugees and get inspired from the stories they tell. Raising awareness about Refugees on this day, may lessen discrimination, this being one of the main goal of the day.

With the increase of refugees in number and the challenges faced by Refugees, the UN Refugees Agency is launching #WithRefugees petition to ask for respective bodies such as governments to assist the plight of the refugees by working as a unit, together to achieve various objectives. Take a few, to support #WithRefugees .

  1. Humanitarian principle, all those in humanitarian need have a right to assistance.

2. For solidarity sake and giving them hope. The signed petition will see into changing and improving lives of the refugees

3. It will lessen discrimination in the respective countries they seek asylum from.

4. You might get inspiration from learning about the refugees’ stories and how they overcame it all.

5. It will provide solutions to the desperate journeys, such as global solutions of resettlement.

Now you know why to stand with a refugee. Make a difference, sign the pledge!