Women makes up half of the population in the world yet matters menstruation , it’s still a taboo in some communities. Some girls have gone mum and they can’t express themselves in some societies just because of their body changes.

The aim of celebrating  this day is to educate all women on how to manage their menstruation safely, hygienically and with confidence without being ashamed of the changes.

Most women aren’t aware of the changes in their bodies until they experience the changes. The day is also created to facilitate awareness to those who are still young and naive about the changes.

As we celebrate the World’s Hygienic Menstrual Day, Kenya as a country should try to reach out to all girls and women from all communities to ensure they have all paraphernalia necessary to help them during this periods.

Some of the girls opt to drop out of school especially as they are embarrassed about bleeding in front of their peers. Today, Varcity joins the rest of the world to advocate for good menstrual hygiene for girls and women.