When it comes to having sex, one of the most important things is not to be awful; that never gets said enough. You need to not be pathetic and man, there are a lot of horrible ways to blow a sexual encounter, figuratively speaking. Having that in mind, here’s a list of the type of partner to watch out for:

The Stink bomb.

Self explanatory, aye? This is the type of person that doesn’t take the time to attend to their hygiene, especially the nether regions in this instance. Im not saying that I’d expect the “cookie jar” to smell like a bevy of roses( I would though); but I wouldn’t want it smelling like a bag of stale kale! I shower here, some deo there and maybe even a clean shave never did anyone harm.

Man holding his nose against a bad smell


The Deadfish.

Everyone has experienced thus type at least once in their lifetime, especially the guys. She will just lie there and take your nefarious ministrations with no enthusiasm, effort or even participation. This type is clueless about the whole encounter more often than not. They simply know nothing, no idea at all! You’ll probably feel like you’ve hit the gym from all the work you’ll be doing; without the satisfaction you get from a good workout.

Young couple being intimate in bed, woman looking disinterested


The Frog.

This is a greedy partner in simple terms, and it’s not exclusive to one sex. This type of person is most likely impatient and has a seemingly tight schedule that inhibits them from giving their all. They’ll probably get their fill but unwilling to return the favor ’cause they have to sleep or something. Selfish arse!



The Roughrider.

You’re probably thinking, “Some people like it rough…”. Granted. But shouldn’t there be a limit to the roughness? I cant imagine say, 10 minutes( I figure 10mins is an average of sorts) of being nothing but rough. At some point you’re going to create the same situation you get with poorly lubricated engine pistons…I leave that there.


Fetish Freak.

First off, this is Africa, and there are some practices we are just not accustomed to yet. Unless you are “exposed” and all, I  highly doubt you’ll enjoy a partner with kinky fetishes. There’s nothing sexy about being caned, chocked or whatever weird things these type of partners will have in mind. you never know though, you just might enjoy having a pillow pressed firmly over your face as you climax.