WTF Is Khaligraph Jones Wearing??!


Oh, gawsh, my love for his music is like a copied assignment; I just cannot explain it.Ever heard of “music to my ears?” This is LITERAL. I just wanna Yego..yego..yego…oh, press replay on that. Kaligraph Jones on my lips all day. Audio, after audio. But I just cannot watch his videos or oogle over his google images whenever I am on my stalking mode. This guys who turns m on through his music is actually not what I have in mind whenever I sing along to his chunes. Why?!

There is just something that screams off about him. I sat down with a committee of me, myself and I and we came to the conclusion that its his dressing. He does not dress to impress and that puts me off.

khaligraph jones

No aura escapes from the site of the face behind those talented lips. Worse, it is such a shame that his luscious body is not pampered at all.

kali pic

Those faded jeans from the 2000’s that sort of mimic the 05 and the 08 are a disgrace to his gangster talk. Makes me wanna not believe he is not so gangster after all.

khaligraph jones

His vests? Gawsh straight from his father’s closet, I presume because those do not exist in modern shopping malls.

khaligraph jones

That brings me to question where he takes his money, if he is even paid at all.

Fine, you are a G, and not looking so much into your dressing but I do not expect you to shop silly and unnecessarily.

Spare some money for the cameras and die hard fans like me will not cost you much.