WWE superstar Kevin Owens has said that his relationship with Chris Jericho is undeniably great despite their recent friendship being severed. If you are a wrestling fan you might have watched on February 13th when Owens attacked Jericho during their festival of friendship on RAW. Chris Jericho was hurled into an LED screen by Kevin Owens to shatter their relationship that begun last summer.

However the Universal Champion says that his relationship with Chris Jericho means fans can expect fireworks if the two were to enter a ring. If the two were to settle their differences then fans should expect a match that is worth watching. WWE Fastlane is set to continue this Sunday 5th March with the crunch match being between Kevin Owens and Goldberg.

Talking to ESPN’s sports center last night Owens said that his chemistry with Jericho was undeniable and that even a blind man could see it. “I think we were part of so many memorable moments and that chemistry doesn’t just end because I attacked him- sometimes great friends make even better enemies,” he said. According to Sky Sports Owens said that he remembered that festival as great and it was a special night for him.

“I stood tall at the end, just like I will stand tall at the end of my match with Goldberg,” Owens added. He is set to defend his Universal champion title against Goldberg in his next fight. The match will be live on Sky Sports Box Office at 1am Sunday night (Monday morning).