Earlier today, the internet was abuzz with rumors that former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio had passed away when in fact; it is he, that landed the kick that ended the life of a fellow wrestler.

Wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr., aka El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, passed away this morning as a result of injuries he sustained during a match at a CRASH event in Tijuana, Mexico.

Aguayo Jr., who was 35, teamed with TNA’s Manik against TNA’s Tigre Uno and ex-WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio on Friday night. As of now, it’s believed that Aguayo Jr.’s death was caused by cervical spine trauma suffered when Mysterio dropkicked him into the ring ropes – a set up spot for Mysterio’s signature “619” move. Aguayo Jr. hit the ropes improperly and was immediately rendered unconscious.

According to sources, Rey Mysterio might receive manslaughter charges as investigations on the incident are ongoing.

Watch the match here. WARNING: The following video might be disturbing to some viewers

As a fan of wrestling, I don’t believe that Rey is at fault in this case, it was just another casualty to years of blows received in the ring. Do you agree?