The ever so beautiful and controversial femcee Xtatic,is one young lady who knows how to step on people’s toes and get people buzzing about her. She has been in the news for the longest time for all the wrong reasons.

If she’s not fighting with music producers,she is causing mayhem on the inter-webs. Since her signing with record label Sony Music Africa,it has been a rough downhill path for her as the deal seems to have gone sour and now she is putting her frustrations out there for all to know.

One Friday evening,she was interviewed on a local television show where she was talking about Atheism and the advantages of being an atheist. She said she doesnt believe in God even if she knows that he exists and she will not impose any religious beliefs on her daughter as she will decide whom she wants to follow.
She went on to say that Atheism can be compared to the illuminati as that is what drives people to Satanism.
See some of the tweets below to see how people reacted to her twisted atheist beliefs:


I think she is just a frustrated Christian. Religion cannot be perfect, but thats not reason to stop believing in God

Atheist:lack of belief in God.Your issue seems to be with religion and not God.The morality u insist on is a creation of God.

One day Xtatic shall acknowledge God;coz every knee shall bow,every tongue confess to Jesus. One day. Remember, one day.

Xtatic is just lost, in some pain, but Jesus loves her. There’s no pit too deep. #GodLovesYouXtatic

Xtatic is beautiful, let her leave Atheism and walk along with God. Her life won’t be the same again

Is she an atheist or an agnostic?

Xtatic brings a logical way of life to light.Atheism is not against christianity or religion

Thats her life !! she is just giving stories & elements of intellectualism on the same .

Not believing in God is illogical. How would Xtatic explain the innate qualities that all humans possess?

Atheists can be much convincing all in all GOD is real. She shouldn’t subject her small child to atheism.

God forgives when you pray 4 forgiveness, tell her to pray to God, He will listen to her n forgive her.

Do you agree with Xtatic or do you think that she is losing her mind? Tell us below.