The best satirical politics comedy show made a comeback on TV yesterday night to a warm reception. XYZ show made a return to our screens and the best of laughter was served as expected. The show which started way back in 2009 has been on Kenyan screens only switching channels.

Yesterday it returned this time on Nation TV at 7:30pm making fans in Kenya love it as it became a trending topic on Twitter. The show which uses puppets to express political opinions in a satirical way had been showing on KTN last year. The show has been moving around TV stations in Kenya because of it’s hilarious segments including the all time favorite Upclose and Personal with Keff Joinange. We have seen it on Kiss TV and also Citizen TV.

XYZ is a show that was founded by Gado who is also a cartoonist. Gado has been in partnership with Marie Lora-Mungai in producing the show since it begun. The show is now in its 12th season and seems to be taking the Kenyan comedy scene by storm. With political tides rising heading into the August 8th general elections, the show is bound to be the center of attention for viewers countrywide.