Ycee, a budding rapper from Lagos, was in Kenya this past weekend to perform at the FOMO event held at Privee in Westlands. He was brought in by Kcarl Entertainment and was also launching his brand new song ‘In A Benz’.

He is known for Songs like ‘Condo’,’Omo Alhaji’,’Sumi’ and ‘Jagaban’ just to name a few and has worked with big names like Patoranking and Olamide.

Ycee before his performance at Privee
Ycee before his performance at Privee

I got to meet up with him prior to his show and this is what he had to say about Kenya, his music and life in general:

What’s your real name? Why the name ‘YCEE’? What does it stand for?

Alejo Martin Oludemilade.YCEE stands for Young Carter (YC) then I added ‘EE’ at the end to distinguish myself from other rappers.

How old are you?

23 years old.

What does ‘Omo Alhaji’ mean?

‘Alhaji’ is a Muslim name given to one who has been to Mecah as my dad is Muslim.’Omo’ means child.

What would you term your style of music to be?

Afrotrap music-a combination of Afrobeat and Trap music.

You are so handsome. How do you manage to look this good?

I owe my good looks to my parents. I also eat healthy, I live a simple life and eat good food.


You seem to have cool tattoos on your body. What does each one of them mean?

Life values, birthday and zodiac signs, smiley faces portraying good over evil, my name in Arabic and a motto I live by. I took art seriously and used to use markers to tattoo myself while in primary school.

You do Hiphop yet stick to your traditions. How does this work for you?

I’m influenced by a lot of American music. It’s another thing doing it in Africa and I’ve made it relatable. It doesn’t all sound the same. It’s my local and international knowledge merged.

Would you say that your dreadlocks are your signature look?

I’m rebranding myself. Not many people do this style but young people in Nigeria have followed suite.

Do you have your own clothing line and endorsements?

I create branded merchandise and will venture into a clothing line soon. There will be an online store. I have brand endorsements with Qui which deals with Hair Products. I became the face of the company about 2 to 3 months ago.I’m also the brand ambassador for Samsung Technologies which is an event/service for fans.


Are there any charities you support?

There is an organization called Konami which supports football matches. Celebrities also come through and the ticket sales/donations go to orphanages.Ive supported them for two years now.

Are you working on any new projects?

Yes I’m currently working on an EP called ‘First Wave’ and it will have fresh songs.

Any advice to the youth in Kenya?

Be very patient and persistent. Have a strong character, be humble, listen to good music, and surround yourself with positive people.

Any last words?

I would like give a big shout out to my fans. They make everything happen for me. I thank my management for making all this possible.

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