YOLO!! Things You Should Do Before You Graduate.


Its about that time for exams. For some it is their first and other their last. Uni is an amazing experience, here are some ways to make it even better before you turn that tussel:

  1. Get the guts to talk to your crush

Ya, that guy or girl who you’ve admired since first week of orientation, well its time.


2. Use your student ID for the perks it comes with

Even if you are simply waiting to graduate and you still have a student ID, use it to get discounts till you drop. A number of events offer almost 200 shillings discount for event charges. Railways Museum charges Kshs. 50 for students.


  1. Join clubs

The ordinary curriculum can be so boring sometimes. Join clubs, make friends, build connections and go for numerous trips with your club-mates. Some of these clubs like AISEC look good on your papers as well.


3. Start something new- even if it fails

From naming places within the campus to starting a school newspaper to beginning a trend, do something new. You could do it alone, with a bunch or friends or classmates. It doesn’t really matter if it sticks or not. It will be your own little memory.


4. Go out of your comfort zone

Make new friends, talk to someone you have never. You may gain friends for life.


5. Attend a class that has nothing to do with your major

This could pan out to be really boring or the opposite.  If you are a Literature major, attend an Engineering lecture and see how it goes. Might make you appreciate other courses more, or even your own.


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6. Attend a demo- if you can run

If you study at KU, you might want to sit this one out. Experience the thrill that comes with being part of a demo but be ready and geared up to run when the cops show up.


7. Link up with the squad

You may never be able to hang with your squad so callyour close pals and do it big one last time.


We in this bitch

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Anything else you think someone should do before they graduate? Tell us below.