Baby you know that I miss you, I wanna get with you tonight
But I cannot baby girl and that’s the issue
Girl you know I miss you, I just wanna kiss you
But I can’t right now so baby kiss me through the phone, I’ll see you later on
Kiss me through the phone, see you when I get home

In 2008, Soulja Boy released the song “Kiss me through the phone” which became an instant hit and all of us couldn’t help but jam to this Rap/RnB track. Roughly 10 years later Soulja Boy (…and most of us too) might just get his wish come true. Why you ask? Coz now there’s an app for that.

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We all know how Long-distance relationships can be difficult. Not only is your lover completely removed from your day-to-day life, but you have absolutely zero possibility of tangible physical intimacy.

Fortunately, researchers from the Imagineering Lab at City University London think they can solve this problem with their new Kissenger gadget. The device mimics a real kiss using pressure sensors and actuators. It’s purely for regular pecks on the cheek or mouth — no tongue simulation is available. Sorry.

The Kissenger pairs with a messaging app that lets a user send a kiss, so when one is sent, the Kissenger measures pressure on different parts of the sender’s lips to replicate that exact kiss on the recipient’s Kissenger.

So far, the team has created a functioning iOS prototype that plugs into a device’s headphone jack.