Just when we think that the world cannot get any crazier, a university in the United Kingdom approves Memes as a major course following petitions from numbers of students.

The Northwestern University will be offering a major in Memes studies as announced by assistant Dean for Curriculum Joan Linsenmeier.

A meme is described as “a concept that spreads swiftly via the Internet.” The have become quite popular worldwide and some students already taking it up as a course say that it has impacted their lives positively making them more funny and confident as individuals.  They believe it provides the chance to communicate with a non-restricted language that everyone can understand which are pictures although most memes are photographs accompanied by words.

There is the History of Memes, How Memes affect Western Culture and even Meme Choreography where they learn things like bringing the “Salt Bae” move into action.

We live in a meme-based world, there’s no denying that,” said Northwestern sociology professor Grant Richards. “While it might not be considered standard academic material, I believe that this in a important move for Northwestern. It shows we’re embracing the changing culture and not remaining stagnant.”


The University of Cambridge will also offer a short course on ‘Understanding and Analysis of the Meme Revolution’, stating that it will offer students the opportunity to study a wide range of the popular internet images


Well, it may sound silly, but it is true. Would you undertake a Meme Degree? Or more importantly, would your parents let you?