Pubic hair is not a well explored topic and most people would just choose to talk about the basics. You know in those group talks, we will just gossip about how girls should be clean shaven all rounded. Whether in their pubic hair, legs or armpits. We give freedom to the men that they can keep their hair. We do not sit down for a second to discover peoples preferences and fetish.

Women and their Hair

I agree, women should keep it clean, but that is the general preference of most people. It all comes down to how your partner likes you at the end of the day.


If he doesn’t want to go down on you, try shaving your girl clean. If it works, that could have been the problem. However, there is this species of men who like a little spice on their dish. They don’t mind their women shaving in a particular way.

Maybe in the shape of their initial? An arrow pointing down to the gold? Whether you and your partner like it bushy or not, hygiene comes first at the end of the day. If you like it bushy, try trimming from time to time to prevent a little heat from adding up to harmful bacteria.


Armpits are not an excuse at the end of the day. Girls armpits should look like their faces and so should your legs. Yeah, I get it. Sometimes we slip and forget but make an effort from time to time. Don’t walk around with your man looking like his brother.

hairy armpit

Men and their Hair

I personally advocate that a man should be as clean as he wants his woman. I however recommend that a little hair around his pubic hair is good for that ‘manly look.’

On the other hand, if your hair is ‘nywele ndengu’ , do yourself a favor and get rid of it. If your partner likes it that way, uhmmm yeah, good for her. Keep her for her tolerance by the way.



Armpits are not an excuse for ‘nywele ndengu.’ Cut down.


A hair cut a day keeps the girls not away. Hehehehe. Who said men cannot look good with their women? Make that extra effort to add some gist to your hair especially your facial hair. Again, it comes down to what you and your partner are into; just with an inclusion of hygiene.


So tell us, do you like it hairy down there?