They’ve done it again, Afrika nation mziki the illest crew in town, have released a new video named ‘Down low’. Ladies are green with envy while dudes are drooling and ogling at the mamas in the video. The video was recorded at Revive Media owned by Jesse Bukindu, and the video is done by the skilled Mushking.

The last time we talked to the fellas here they were really excited about it and this is what they had to say;

The video will be dropping first week of August, ya’ll better get ready!!

And ready we are!! Since watching it Vera Sidika has nothing on the chille who opens the first scene of the video. Her ass is from here to mass takes the whole shot I couldn’t even get the words the fellas were saying, so I thought maybe they were trying some P-unit? Collo kinda vibe with their dendai which scratches off the originality until the next scene where a bunch of mamas are shaking their asses and I forgot completely what the song was all about. I can imagine my African brothers watching the same video be like daaamn!!! Those mamas are blessed to say the least.

The choreography was more of free style and the chorus extremely catchy since it went well with the booty shake as they went down low, heads up for that. Though I noticed one or two was team mafisi grabbing one of the mamas Mollis style in one scene, but I wont blame him. I almost forgot who saw that girl do the split towards the end; the editor should have captured that better. To conclude, Nikki couldn’t have said it better to summarise the video, fuck the skinny bitches!! Ask Afrika nation mziki crew bout that!!

So sit back and enjoy the ass flooding;