They are young and full of energy as can be noticed from their faces. They call themselves Limitless art and they are passionate about design. Imoni Dedan and Kama Ken form the duo that is Limitless art.

Imoni Dedan

Speaking to Varcity in an interview Imoni says that they have been in this business for seven years. “We started our art way back in 2010 and we are still going strong,” says Imoni. They have registered their art company and have done numerous paintings either on walls or matatus.

“We hail from Buruburu and as you know our matatus have the best art work on them,” Kama Ken says. “This is kind of an inspiration to us because we see art on a daily basis and sometimes its great to know that your work is being appreciated,” Kama continues.

They have been working on a Femigirl campaign that is being spearheaded by Varcity and have done a great job as can be seen below.

Most of their work involves paint and brushes and sometimes pencil drawings. “We also do portraits and use material depending on the size of the body we are working on,” Imoni adds. While working on the Femi Girl art they used pencil for the first outline then covered specific places with masking tape and old newspapers. Imoni says that it helps to determine which area should or should not be sprayed.

Kama Ken at Work

“We major in branding which entails bringing a certain uniqueness to a product,” Kama says. Art takes time and as Imoni pointed out it would sometimes take days to finish. “Small size boards might take us up to four hours to do it perfectly,” Kama points out. The two have also worked on vehicle customization and say that the fee charged depends on size and complexity of the art.

They have a Facebook fan page called Limitless Art and are found on Instagram @artlimitless or @emoneydedan. “We have never understood Twitter so that’s why we won’t mention it,” says Kama as the two continue to work on their Femi Girl art.