Young, Talented and Urban! Meet The Freshest Band In Town, L.O.L (Lots Of Love)!!

LOL Band is the liveliest band I’ve ever met or rather had the honour of interviewing. They are quite the crowd to hang out with. Maybe it was because they were in their zone in their practice room in Odeon or maybe they’re just cool like that! Lots of Love band is a band that has 5 members: 4 guys and a lady. There’s: Enoch aka Enoque (the lead singer), Kevin aka KTwo (Drummer), Frank Nchore aka Frank (Pianist), Antony Ndichu aka Tony Four Strings (Guitarist) and lastly the only babe in the band Kebati Jepchirchir aka Kebz (Vocalist).

LOL band during their practice session

Q: What made you come up with a name like LOL Band?

I mean Lots Of Love, that’s a very unique.

Enoque: At first it was LOL Music to express the love we have for music. We changed it due to growth circumstances. It’s now Lots of Love Band because we encourage, motivate and pass love through our music. The only person who can do all those things is someone who loves you.

Q: When did you decide that Music was Thee Love and you’d make music together?

Tony: Individually we started singing when we were kids. Though as a band, it was one day during a music class back in Moi Force Academy (MFA). We (all with exception of Kebati and KTwo) thought about forming a band as light talk since we could all play different instruments. When we closed for holidays, we started making music together. Everything great starts small. Lots Of Love was officially formed in January 2014.

Q: What would you like to pass to the world through your music?

We would like to pass the message that we all go through the same struggles but we made it; so can you. We are more on offering encouraging people to go through life. We are real.

Q: What genre do you sing?

(This question really had interesting answers but I was glad the jolly lot settled on something)

We do a fusion of African and Western Music. But basically we can do anything from Rock to Reggae, Urban Afro to African. We have a reggae song and even a rock one yet to reach our audience so yes, we have the capability to settle in any genre.

Q: Who’s your music icon : Locally and Internationally?

 Locally, (In unison they all say) Sarabi!! (Who knew Sarabi was such a favorite?!)

Internationally, The Script, Paramore, Bob Marley and lastly Yellow Light Machine (KTwo’s personal favorite)

Q: Challenges you have faced in the music industry, as a band?


In general, we’d say the inadequate facilities. There’s the hustle of a rehearsal space and funds to work on our projects. Given we’re all youth and not really stable working class men and lady, it’s a great challenge. And the music industry most things cost money, the practice space, the studio recording, music production as a whole.

Q: What advice would you give to upcoming artist not necessarily bands?


We would urge them to be patient. Patience pays. Most of them will be hungry to be the next Sauti Sol, to be the next big thing. Things don’t work like that. Don’t be greedy for fame.

Also that the most important essential things to succeed is Discipline, Determination, Consistency and Dedication. With that it’ll be easier to succeed in whatever you want.

Q: Where would you like to be in 5 years?


Wow! Interesting question. We would love to have crossed the borders and grown to a band known and loved internationally. That’s of course the highlight of a musicians career. To reach people further than you can possibly imagine.

Also we are working on starting an initiative that’ll be called ‘Dreaming is Believing Initiative. It will be an initiative that nurtures and builds people’s dreams. Since it’s a long term goal, we can’t really expound on it.

Q: You have released your song, LOVE, recently. Should we be waiting for something else…maybe better and bigger?


Of course. We are working on a new project. It’ll probably a collaboration with a great artist. However, we have very many projects yet to be released. Watch this space.

Q: You guys are young, university students I’m assuming, where are you studying?


Kebati : I’m joining USIU for International Relations.
Enoque: I’m a music student at Daystar doing Bachelor in Music.
KTwo: I’m doing Production at Homeboyz.
TonyFourStrings: I’m at Kenyatta University majoring in Aerospace Engineering

Frank: I’m a Industrial chemistry student at JKUAT

Q: Wow!! Those are quite the challenging courses, do you manage to balance that and music and how?


It’s obvious that time management can be a hustle. Juggling between school and practice is quite hectic but it’s all a matter of determination and passion. We love Music and when you love something, it’ll never feel like a burden even with a full plate.

Q: What inspires your music? I mean, what made you sing Love it sounds so biblical?


Our music is inspired by life experiences. We work with the things around us and in life in general.

Q:From what I can deduce you have a thing with ‘Love’ as a whole; what would you say is your motto?


Simply, LOL. Lots Of Love.

Q: What’s your style of music? You know the way how Eco Dydda has his ”rap” and Amos and Josh there sort of the harmonizing duo…what’s is it for LOL Band? What style defines you?

TonyFourStrings: I’d say our style of music is Poetry. We always love to have a poetic touch to our music.

Q: I think that’s enough of the professional background. What super hero would you be, if you were asked to chose?


(They all laugh at this question)
Frank : I’d be Wolverin, No doubt.
Kebati : Captain America any day.
TonyFourStrings : Flash!!
KTwo: Power Puff Girls… I’m kidding, Batman.

Enoque seemed blank on the subject…so I guess we could always chose for him. Makmende.

That’s LOL Band for you. They are awesome on and off stage. You don’t really need to be told that after reading the above. Anyway, this is a band worth following. It would be a shame to ignore talent at its peak. I believe Kenyan artists should watch out for this awesome lot!!

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