A 24 year old man in Kisumu County has ditched his career of a teacher to venture in farming. The young man who hails from Kiboi, Nyakach sub-county shocked many among his neighbors when he opted out of his previous teaching career for farming mainly in birds.
Antony Okoth is one of a few among the youth in his county who have preferred farming as their career. “The little salary I earned as a teacher could not hold my raging passion to jump into farming as full time employment,” Okoth say that as he brushes of the notion that farming is a ‘dirty’ job.
Before setting off to a teachers training institution, the young fellow had a lot of interest in farming. Back in 2014, armed with merely Ksh. 3,000 and with a small piece of land he begun what is now earning him a fortune. He then banked in Guinea Fowls and Cranes which he sold majorly for ornamental purposes to start his Nyolo Nyambaja Farm.
After finishing college, he worked as a primary school teacher in a private school in Kisii County. He was able to pocket about Ksh. 13,000 a month but he was not satisfied. He therefore ditched his career early this year for full time concentration in was his heart desired-farming!

Before the incredible decision, he did a thorough researched on where he could reach further profiting markets after realizing that the birds were increasing, this got him to consumers as far as Nakuru County, Sori and Migori County. He is happy about this that has enabled make a turn-around in his life as he earns about Ksh. 50,000 monthly which also likely to increasing depending on the demand.
The young farmer has since then diversified bird farming by increasing the varieties by adding Ducks, Doves, hybrid chicken, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits into his farm. He says that keeping Rabbits is a lot profiting because of the present high demand in the country. Okoth also supplies Rabbits to the University of Nairobi’s Department of Health.