The Youth Fund website was launched at the Intercontinental Hotel on 17th August and officiated by its chairman Ronnie Osumba.


Rapid Result Initiative is an institutional intervention that sees the success of youth empowerment, motivation and innovation. It helps the acceleration of execution of large scale and long term projects that bring about change in society that are spearheaded by youths by providing financial resources.

In other news RRI has launched better enticing products and services that will see the youth participate in making Kenya developed.

Who is eligible for this loans on startup businesses?

It targets individuals or group of individuals who have amazing project ideas that results into positive change. He/she must be between the age of 18 and 34.

The program will now give financial support to 50,000 young new entrepreneurs in a time span of 100 days. During the launch, the launch magnified certain areas such as: the increase of loans uptake from 20 million to 60 million Kenyan shillings every month. This is definitely good news, since it will see many youth taking up the responsibility of participating in helping Kenya achieve sustainable development in relation to vision 2030.

The youth fund launch saw the highlighting of effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out the loans allocation. This will see the speedy execution and implementation of plans, priorities and strategies. The other issue that was raised was the reduction of loan processing from what was roughly two months to two weeks will encourage more youths to take advantage of the various opportunities RRI will be offering.

The launch also saw, RRI create a platform where young entrepreneurs can directly hold discussions and interact with respective stakeholders. This can promote and preserve good relations that can lead to mentor-ships and potential investments.

The four key areas discussed included: Products, Processes, Partnerships and People.

This is definitely a great opportunity for the youth to be heard and seen now that they have the power to transform the world.

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