The Kenyan pop culture is growing at an immense rate. YouTube is quickly becoming the fastest way to skyrocket someone to fame. Kenyans are on that bandwagon with hundreds of people trying their luck. Here are some channels you need to be watching;

  1. Because you said so

This channel is purely Kenyan improvised comedy. These guys come up with the stuff they say on stage right there at that time. No rehearsal, no time to prepare. I hand it to them because their clips are funny even though the ideas are off the top of their heads.

2. Mr Eve

Mr Eve is a woman born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. She strives to be anything, but ordinary. Being a woman in menswear speaks to that alone. She uses the channel as a way to connect not only to those who appreciate fashion and menswear but understand that it is not limited to one gender.

Mr Eve crosses barriers, merges ideas, and increases awareness to how anyone can dress!
All round ball of fun, she manages to mix her love for fashion with fun and humor.

3. Cheka TV

In this channel, the actors portray different situations one would possibly get in to with their Kenyan parents. From the accents to different scenarios, you can actually see some of this stuff happening to you in your daily encounter with the parents.

4. The Ubunifu Space

These 6 guys from the United Kingdom watch different music videos and give their opinions about them. They have done reviews on a number of Kenyan songs. What is usually most amusing about the videos is their reactions coupled with their British accent as they comment and sometimes mispronounce artists’ names or words within the song.

5. Y we do it

This are a bunch of friends who bring you into their hilarious takes on various issues. From marriage to dating to life in Kenya.

Any other channels you think need to be on this list? Tell us below.