Young, handsome and talented, Yung Nnoiz is a dedicated young man in the art of beatboxing. We spoke to him this art week and here is what he had to say.

When did you discover you could beat-box?

It all started as a joke making drum patterns and rhythms as I wrote my raps way back in high school but I didn’t know what it was until about 4 years ago when I saw a guy beat box in a hip-hop show called WAPI at Sarakasi Dome and I was so amazed and wished it could be me so I went to look it up online and discovered it was called Beatbox and the journey to become better at it officially began then.

What is the real identity behind Yung Nnoiz?

Haha! There is not much really. My real name is Orunga Innocent, a simple guy from a really humble background that has crazy big dreams that he is working hard to achieve by all means necessary as long as God approves the mechanisms behind the achievement. Currently a 4th Year economics student at Daystar University, I am a fitness freak (I love working out, I love God and reaching out to people differently with my gifts).


How old is Yung Nnoiz?

I am 24 years.

What is your take on beat-boxing in Kenya, currently?

I believe it is still at its growth stage (fast growth), still trying to get more appreciation from the entertainment industry at large. But so far so good it is picking up well; we are having more beatboxers joining the community and more people appreciating it by the day hence more opportunities to advance in the industry.

What kind of activities/events have you engaged in through beat-boxing?

So far it has been mainly performances at various platforms around Kenya, that is from Safaricom live, weddings, high schools and university tours, churches, corporate events, also curtain raising for some renown international acts and most importantly as a tool for ministry in a team of 4 called ‘Ministry of mouth’ using only beatbox and spoken word poetry. I also collaborate with artists, rappers and singers to create unique performances for live shows and recordings as well.


Who do you look up to in beat-boxing?

I have about three beat-boxers who really inspire me, Dharni from Singapore, Alem the beat-box world champion and Reeps-one, the 2 time UK beatbox champion. They are on a level that I have always wanted to achieve in beat box artistically and am working towards such levels each day.

What do you think is the future of beat-boxing in Kenya?

Whooooaa! The future is I said it is really growing fast and we as Kenyan beatboxers are determined to push the art to new very soon it will be difficult to have a major event without a beat boxer on the list. Plus we are making international connects to help reach out more worldwide since it is not restricted by language.

Are you currently dating anyone?

Hahaha yes of course.