Yuri Di Cunha also know as the Atchutcha King was in Nairobi last week for Coke Studio Season 4. He was doing a mashup with Flavour from Nigeria and is originally Angolan.I spoke to him about life,love and his music and this is what he had to say:

What does ‘Atchutcha’ mean?

It doesn’t have a real meaning. I used to say that with my little brother. After i recorded Uyuya as an alert, Atchutcha came up as a wow factor when I was admiring something, so it stuck.

When did you start singing?

In 1994.In 1993 I joined te biggest Ka Luanda Pio which is a production for kids in Angola. I was 13 years old at the time.

What inspires your music?


People,Love and Society

How is the whole coke studio experience going for you?

Its a good experience. I didn’t know about the project but understood when I came to Nairobi. I didn’t expect it to be this big. It feels good to be there working with Flavour.


What do you like the most about Kenya?

The people.

How has your musical journey been?

Complicated as I lived in a country with war.I got shot onstage once and saw people dying infront of me. It was such a bad experience for me and very traumatising. It was really hard before my success as it didn’t pay me well. Musicians were not singers per say and most of the time I was denied to record or perform. In 2005 I went to Portugal and did afew songs then Brazil and China.

What other songs are you known for?

Makumba,Kuma Kwa Kie,Hegresa,Tu Es O Amor.

Any last words from Yuri?

I want to thank Coke Studio for this opportunity and thank the Kenyan people for having me here. Ive been so humbled since I came to my hotel.Be listening to my music.