Oh yes they did in Yvonne’s latest video, Duka. Three days after uploading the video on You Tube, the Duka song by Yvonne Darcq has received 788 views: 34 likes and 1 dislike. Meaning the entertainment value is generally great. With the catchy beats and an even better video that leaves you glued to your screen.

Enos Olik was definitely here, the videography is great. With high end video quality and audio, the song has an audience interest.

Hilarious comedian Njugush is Yvonne’s love interest in the video. Hes sen shying away from her in his funny way.

The Kiswahili lyrics have a way of also generating the public’s interest, with the knowledge that Yvonne is mixed race.

The fashion and style on the video is amazing, with the color, makes the whole video in our search history. The beautiful songstress has that charm.

Watch the bright video here>>

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