The South African business woman has had enough of Diamond’s behavior. Zari has hired a lawyer to ensure that the co-parenting agreements made with singer Diamond are adhered to. The two have two kids together, Latiffah Dangote and Prince Nillan.

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Diamond has been visiting the kids every month since it’s a legal obligation he must meet… Recently he’s not been following the agreement that was made by Zari’s lawyer. A source close to the ex-couple says that Zari is concerned about the well-being of their children and she understands what Diamond does for his kids but the visits are important.

Diamond was instructed that even if he has shows and concerts to attend, he has to make the visitations. According to the agreement, when Diamond visits he’s not supposed to sleep in the same room with Zari. This makes him sleep in hotels during most of his visits.

When Diamond was asked to comment about the situation he said that’s all true but about the rest, people should mind their own business. The two have been having feuds since they split up. We hope the two resolve whatever beef they got going on for the sake of the kids.