Zari Hassan finally speaks about her dating life. She talks about why she’s still single after breaking up with singer Diamond Platinumz about 9 months ago.

There were rumors that she was dating a South African tycoon. She admitted that there were several men who were hitting on her after they split but she was not ready to commit yet. The mother of 5 says that she would love to be in a relationship again but she is scared she might get hurt again by being cheated on.

This was the reason she broke up with Diamond. He had a lot of cheating scandals until she decided she was really done with him, boy bye!

She posted on her Snapchat stories on Sunday and she wrote, “Not scared to try again, just scared to get hurt with the same reasons.”

In another post, she revealed that she was really enjoying her single life. She wrote, “Being single is cute, no stress, more fresh and flawless skin.”