While every other socialite is busy flaunting their derrieres for everyone to see, Zari on the other hand is making the boss moves.

The year has seen Zari experiencing the betrayal of her husband Diamond Platinumz believed to have sired children with other women and endless scandals.

The self-proclaimed boss presided over a graduation at Brooklyn Health College in South Africa.

Right after the death of her ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga in May last year, Zari became the CEO of the prestigious college.

It seems Zari is not yet done accumulating wealth considering the wealth under her name.

Despite the loss of close family members, Zari is more optimistic and focused on getting that money.

This is what Zari had to say;

“The reputation is more important than the pay cheque especially when you have results to show’’

Lesson for the socialites and `self – proclaimed queens’  from the Queen herself maybe ?