Zari Hassan cannot stand the fact that her kids with Diamond have to grow up without their father. She states that Diamond only buys the kids expensive gifts instead of spending time with them. She claims that he never sacrifices his time to go to South Africa and help her raise their kids. They’ve been beefing on social media ever since the two split up.

The yummy mummy claims that it’s always her younger brother who help raise her kids and act as the father figure since their father is never around. Zari one time also stated that her kids had forgotten how their father looked like. According to a Snapchat post by Zari she claims that Diamond is never present in their kids’ lives.


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And the beef is back on between Diamond and Zari.

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“Too bad your kids will have these beautiful memories with someone else. The simple gifts that money cannot buy,” Zari wrote.


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Nawauliza TunajiBEBEA Wapi leo, wanasema eti Pale……

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