Zari has been on and off the headlines for all the wrong reasons. From abandoning her four children to using men for their money. The latest that has her headlining is her relationship with the popular bongo musician Diamond. Well, now it looks like she’s on her path of redemption.

Her Instagram account is littered with a life of glamour and flaunting but not today. Zari posted a couple of pics of her visit to an orphanage, captioning them with words coated with affection. I almost felt moved but then again we know how socialites only reveal or post as attention stunts. Some were captioned:
 “Me and ma team on those chapati moments while giving back to the community…. we have fun while doing this”
Another caption said:
 “We should never forget our mothers.  TBT CHARITY WORK ”
Oh well here are some of the pics of her charity work where she in fact helped donate computers and cook chapatis.
Wow, we are impressed Zari, its always good to give back.