Of sports and entertainment, Friday the 29th July, saw the Nyayo stadium occupied by excited and energetic students from the four respective campuses of the prestigious Zetech University. That is all the branches, Thika Road, StanBank, Pioneer and Agriculture campus based along Kenyatta Avenue.

It was something close to a mini Olympics, almost all games and sporting activities were represented. From basketball to football to taekwondo and so on.

Did you know that Zetech University puts students on full scholarships based on sports merit?

According to Madonna, a Business Administration Management student, “soccer pays my fees” the skillful footballer is on a full soccer scholarship and he gladly represents the school in soccer competitions. Many students are beneficiaries of the good will initiative Zetech has put in place.

The higher learning institution is known for their basketball team that is a stronghold name in intercampus tournaments as well as regionally. The Varsity is home to the Zetech Titans who are made up of tall, physically fit men who know their loops and hoops a tad too much. The basketball players were having more fun than actually the mainstream competition. You could see them oozing the passion they have for the game.
Football was the most hyped game of the day, the field had an excited audience who danced, cheered and mingled whereas a DJ and an energetic commentator also acted as the MC provided the Zetech community with endless entertainment.

Handball was quite interesting especially for someone who is not well conversant with the game. The muscular men were out and the about on the field.
Other games the students participated in were taekwondo, racing and volley ball.
At the end of the day, the hard work was rewarded. Sizzling trophies were won.